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What are examples of conjugated -AR verbs?
Bailar + Yo = Bailo
Bailar + Tü = Bailas
Bailar + Ud. /él /ella = Baila
Bailar + Nosotros = Bailamos
Bailar + Vosotros = Bailaís
Bailar + Uds. /ellos /ellas = Bailanspanish_music

How would you use conjugated -AR verbs in a sentence?
- Yo mucho bailo I dance a lot - Señorita Murrell enseña español
Miss. Murrell teaches spanish
- Nosotros escuchamos a musíca en nuestro Ipods
We listen to music on our Ipods
George mucho habla
George talks a lot

How do you conjugate -AR verbs?
When you come upon subjects (nosotros, vosotros, yo, tú, etc.) with an -Ar verb, you have to drop the -AR from the verb and add the subject ending

Yo -AR = O
Nosotros -AR = AMOS
Tú -AR = AS
Vosotros -AR = AÍS
Usted -AR = A
Ustedes -AR = AN
Él / Ella -AR = A
Ellos / Ellas -AR = AN
Example :
- Yo mucho bail ar
-You would drop the AR and add an O since the subject is Yo
-So the final sentence would be:

-Yo mucho bailo

Here are some examples of -AR verbs!
- Cantar- to sing
- Bailar- to dance
- Nadar- to swim
- Patinar- to skate
- Trabajar- to work
- Enseñar- to teach
- Escuchar- to listen
- Mirar- to watch
- Buscar- to look for

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