How do you translate "I like" in spanish? Or "I don't like"? Are there more ways to say she,he,they,we,etc saying that you like something?

simple information:
Me gusta = I like *example* Me gusta un bizcocho < I like biscuit >
No me gusta = I don't like *example* No me gusta el apio < I don't like celery >
singular "I likes" :

me gusta- I like
nos gusta- we like
te gusta- you like (familiar)
vos gusta- you all/ you guys
le gusta- you like (formal)
les gusta- you all
le gusta- she/he
les gusta- they
plural "I likes" :
me gustan
nos gustan
te gustan
vos gustan
le gustan
les gustan
le gustan
les gustan
Le gusta jugar al fútbol
*EXAMPLE* le gusta jugar al fútbol [ he like playing soccer ]

spanish_music*EXAMPLE* Me gusta la musica [ I like music ]
spanish_sleeping*EXAMPLE* Le gusta dormir [ she like sleeping ]
spanish_vegii*EXAMPLE* Le gusta hortalizas [ He likes vegetables ]

SPANISH_CAMERA*Examples* No me gusta cámara

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