Etapa Preliminar 5- The Spanish Calendar

Here are the 12 months in English and Spanish:
January- enero
February- febrero
March- marzo
April- abrilaewinai4%5B1%5D.jpg
May- mayo
June- junio
July- julio
August- agosto
September- septiembre
October- octubre
November- noviembre
December- diciembre

Here are the 4 Seasons in Spanish:
Spring: la primavera
Summer: el verano
Autumn: el otoño
Winter: el invierno
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Months, Seasons, and Dates." Spanish Grammar. 18 June 2008 <>.

Days of the week:
Monday- lunes
Tuesday- martes
Wednesday- miércoles
Thursday- jueves
Friday- viernes
Saturday- sábado
Sunday- domingo

Here are some questions that you can ask about the date:
What day is it today ? ¿Qué hora es ?
What day was yesterday? ¿Qué día fue ayer ?
What day is tomorrow ? ¿Qué día es mañana ?
What is the date? ¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy ?

Costa Questions:
Imagine what how you will be able to teach your siblings the calendar in Spanish?
-If we were to teach our siblings the calendar in Spanish, we think that it will be hard because our sibings are younger than us and they can barely understand spanish if they're barely know anything on how to pronouce the words. (Unless you're a spanish speaker.).
Judge If you are trying new languages, learning how to speak it would you think spanish is harder or easier to learn?

-We think that Spanish is harder because the rules are different and like for the days of the week( also the months) , it's not capitalized while being used in the sentence. For example, one of the rules is to not capitalize the months or the days unless the word is ussed as the first word of the sentence.
Compare and Contrast If you very having a test on the months, dates, and how to ask what the date it is, would you rather
a) Use a text book
b) this web page
-I would first use this page because, this page is kind of like a summary of the months, dates, and of course the questions. Then, later on if I still don't get enough information I cuold still turn to the textbook.

Here is a link to a website that can give you more facts and example:
Bibliography :29 June 2008 <:;topic=cal20...>. On this web page, you will find the all of the months in the year in spanish and the dates.
Bibliography: Months, Seasons, and Dates." Spanish Grammar. 18 June 2008 <>.
This link is about the months, seasons, and days.
Bibliography 2: Gahala, Estella, Patricia H. Hamilton, Audrey L. Heining, Ricardo Otheguy, and Barbara J. Rupert. En EspañOl. 1st ed. Evanston, Illinois: McDougal Littel, 2000. 82. This textbook has information about how to speak Spanish.
Bibliography 3: "Basic Spanish Words and Pronounciation." 20 June 2008 < >. This link gives you vocabulary about months, days, and seasons.
Bibliography 4: "Simple Questions in Spanish." 20 June 2008 <>. This link gives you simple questions to ask about or for things. Also, if you need any more information about, anything in spanish you can go here also. If you want more practice you can go here.
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On this page you have learn the months in spanish and have you notice the months are kind of similar (spelling) like english.