Part 1 - You are the expert in a topic in Spanish class. You will share all that you know about that topic on our Spanish wiki page.
Part 2 - Validate someone else’s (assigned by teacher) page. Verify the information on their page is correct (use your book to see what they wrote is correct, click on the links etc.) Verify that they have included all required elements


Part 1- What must I include:

  1. Information from our notes, from our book and from the internet.
  2. Give credit for where you got the information. You must cite your information in proper bibliographic style. Use (if you want to see an example go to: OT.11 Puerto Rico and el Yunque
  3. Sign your page by typing ~ three times. It will look like this: - lmurrell lmurrell
  4. Include a minimum of 2 external links to resources for your topic.
  5. Find similar pages within this wiki and link to them
  6. Include a brief summary describing what each link is about
  7. A Minimum of 3 Costa questions (two must be level two or higher) AND the answers.
  8. Make sure you page has a title (if your topic is 1.2.5 Articles and Clothing, then put 1.2.5 Articles and Clothing at the top of your page!!!)

To see an example go to Ep. 2 Accents

What I can include:

o Pictures
o Graphics
o Diagrams
o Relevant Music
o Relevant Videos

Part 2 - What must I Include:

  1. Add a line at the bottom of the page,
  2. type validated by and then
  3. “sign” the page

Validated by - lmurrell lmurrell

What if I need help?

Go to the HELP section on the menu bar on the left hand side.

I don't know my username or password, what should I do?

Email Ms. Murrell at senorita.murrell @ and she will give it to you.