Each of you will work to create an encyclopedia of our Spanish Course

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a web site that anyone (who has access) can edit. That essentially means that you can edit any page on the wiki. It also tracks every change and allows anyone to revert to previous versions of a page. Each student will receive a specific login and all changes they make will be linked to their name.

Why use a wiki?
For this project, you will be creating a page and several sub-pages (with more information on important terms, grammar, etc.) for your specific topic. You will receive a short tutorial as to how to create pages, format them correctly, and link them to one another.

It will be up to students within a group to coordinate their editing or edit only under a single account. Multiple users editing a page at the same time as someone else could erase changes or the entire page.

What is our Purpose?
We are creating an online reference of our class. This will help absent students as well as provide an in-depth aid outside of our textbook as well as make our cornell class note electronic.

Why are WE going to do this? (outcomes)
We will show how we take and use Cornell notes in the Foreign language classroom. We will demonstrate what we know and how much we have learned during the Spanish course.

What am I going to do?

  • You will work in groups of 2 or 3
  • You will use the text, your notes, the internet, your teacher and .... to research your assigned topic.
  • Be detailed and concise in your explanations. Use examples, audio, video and visuals to help describe your topic.
  • Remember who your audience is. If you don't understand it, how will they understand it?
  • Link your page to other pages created by your classmates.
  • Validate other pages (as assigned by your Profesora) making changes and additions as appropriate.



  • Do not share your login or password with anyone.
  • Only post in the areas appropriate to the assignment being worked on.
Remember, all San Diego Unified School District network rules apply.