Part 1 - All of these must be included to be considered for a passing grade:

 Information from our notes, from our book and from the internet.
 Give credit for where you got the information. You must cite your information in proper bibliographic style
 Sign your page by typing ~ three times
 Include a minimum of 2 external links to resources for your topic
 Link to internal wiki pages that are similar to your own
 Include a summary for every page you link to explaining what it is.
 A Minimum of 3 Costa questions (two must be level two or higher) AND the answers.
 Make sure you page has a title (if your topic is 1.2.5 Articles and Clothing, then put 1.2.5 Articles and Clothing at the top of your page!!!)

To Get an A:

 Correct Spelling
 Well organized (good use of color, font size, dividing lines, toc)
 Easy to navigate
 Information is correct
 Includes graphics, pictures, diagrams, music or videos
 Link to related pages within the Spanish-farb wiki
 Include a summary for each of the external links you use

Part 2 - What must I Include:

 Add a line at the bottom of the page,
 type validated by and then
 “sign” the page